Enable VM use on your PC

All the latest processors and motherboards support virtualization technology (vt-x/amd-v). If you have old PC, double check the processor model for this feature. Now to enable virtualization follow the instructions below:

  • Boot your PC into Bios
  • Search for VT-X (Virtualization technology) status – enable it if it’s not enabled.
  • Shutdown machine and leave it down for 20 seconds (cold shutdown = Normal shutdown)

That’s it!

To find VT-X (Virtualization technology) go to:

  • Bios > Advanced chipset settings the picture below will show this:


How to Confirm Virtualization Technology (vt-x/amd-v) is Enabled or Disabled?

1) If your processor is made by Intel, use this free utility to see the result which operating system is sensing.

Download Intel virtualization technology detection tool here.


Once the utility is installed in Windows 7 or 8 computer, you can use and identify the status as shown below.


2) To check the status of AMD-V, AMD users can download AMD-V detection utility here.


3) There is a tool available from Microsoft which will work on both Intel and AMD processor Windows OS computers.

Download Microsoft Hardware Assisted Virtualization Detection tool from official site here.

This tool doesn’t work on Windows 8, obviously, if you are using Windows 8, then vt-x/amd-v is already enabled on the same PC,that’s why you could install Windows 8 on it.

Installation is not required here, execute the EXE file and following result will appear.



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