Fitness Tech For New Year

Top fitness technology gifts for the new year!

Looking to get fit after the Christmas binge! Well this is the top 15 fitness gadget countdown you can get today! Enjoy!

Nike Fuelband £129

Tracking your progress is a great way to motivate yourself to push that extra mile! The Nike fuelband does just that, as simple as possible. The system allows you to acquire what’s known as Nike fuel points that allow you to go online and com pare yourself to others. It has supersensitive sensors built in to record your every move, either its running or walking, weightlifting or sprinting. The device also tells you the time too, and comes in three different colours.

Nike_Fuelband_2441868k (1)

Jawbone Up (price to be announced)

A similar device to the Nike fuelband this device will be on sale in Britan shortly after being completely reengineered! Its slimmer than the fuelband but it doesn’t have a screen so you will need to pair it with the app to see how you’re getting on!


Polar RCX3 GPS (£249.50)

If you’re a runner and you’re looking to track your activity, then getting a GPS watch coulc be up your street, rather than just a speedometer this watch will track your route, speed and distance. Once you have done your run you can upload all the gathered data from the watch to the personal trainers website, upon the website the personal trainer will give you feedback on what to do next and the gains you can achieve.


Starva Run and Cycling app – Free

You don’t always need an extra device in order to record your performance, todays smartphones will do this for you! Here you can download the Stava app which can record all your progress and upload it for you online so you can revisit all your routes whenever you want, you can race others though the app and try and beat their times. One particular good feature of the app is that you can make your own cycle roots for others to race you against.

Strava_Run_and_Str_2441871k (1)

Fitbug (£24.99 + £2.99 per month)

This is another wearable tracker, but the difference here is that this comes with a coaching plan from the day go, this can give you fitness reports and sets regular goals for you.


Garmin Edge 800 cycle computer £337.49

This touchscreen cycling computer has inbuilt GPS navigation and maps just like your cars GPS system, however this computer is very durable and can take a lot of bumps and knocks and its even water proof, making it a hard device to break. It records your speed, distance and elevation and can even interface with most heart rate monitors power readers and cadence sensors!


Xbox 360 Kinect training bundle £320.39

Want to get fit but not have to leave your house? Then Microsoft Xbox Kinect motion tracker can work with a large range of exercise games that offer all the workouts that you could possibly imagine. Integrated games for example are the Nike Kinect and the Adida miCoach Kinect, these offer a large range of fitness workouts.


Withings Smart Body Analyser £129.95

These are scales that can connect to an online profile using an in built WiFi, to record your heart rate, weight and send all this information to profile so you can see how your training is effecting your progress.





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