The Pocket Powerhouse PC Is Finally Here!


We wanted to let tell you a bit about this amazing product, and hope that you will think about investing into making this a new portable PC a new revolution!

Yes that’s right get an i3 or i5 x64 x64 bit full desktop PC in your pocket thanks to the Neutron mini pc! This little heavy hitter will hopefully be smashing the community market in the next few years with your help!


Specification types of device

The above the specifications of this device are something to be looked at more than once with for any portable PC this size!

Imagine a desktop PC power you can carry in your pocket, the size of a raspberry pie, playing battlefield 4 or Skyrim games? Well this is now possible, even though this may be a Kickstarter product we can see some great potential here for portable computing, and with the R&D of self-cooling mentioned in cryogenic cooling this portable technology can only continue to improve! We are really looking forward to see future developments of this nature hit out shelves in the future as it will revolutionise the portable computing world!


Go to their Kickstarter page by following the link below!





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