Portable PS4?


Want to take your PS4 on the go with you, to the airport on a plane, doctors or just to a friend’s house? Well now you can (as long as you’re prepared to carry a bit of weight)

With Xbox One having a similar portable design (made by the same designer) the PS4 has now entered the realms of portability, at the small cost of $1100. The “PS4 book” will comply encompass your console in a laptop like case, enabling you to carry it anywhere you want and game on the go!

Ed Zarick – the designer has done this using a combination of 3d printing, laser cutting and CNC milling. With each console case made to order you won’t find these in your local shops, however you can customize it to however you want! The core colours are black and white and those who have bought it have expressed their amazing aesthetics and ergonomics for comfort and portability.


The console case comprises of 22-inch 1080p display from zizio, this may not be what your used to but with a PPI (pixels per inch) density of around 100 your gameplay is going to look pretty darn good!

While the weight of this machines isn’t exactly mentioned it’s easy to do come estimates on previous releases for the Xbox, which was around 6.1pounds + 22inch monitor takes it to 6.5 pounds takes it to 12.6 pounds. This may be something you can’t run with but it’s still portable enough to fit into luggage or take to a stationary waiting area.

One huge drawback to this is the battery – there is non – instead there is a single power cord, which isn’t too bad considering it powers both the monitor and the PS4.

Another drawback to this is the cost as $1.095 + shipping to convert your PS4, if you but it strait from Zarick himself he charges around $1,395 + shipping and add $50 if you want the HDMI output on your PlayBook 4, so you can use it with other displays.

This in all is a good console augmentation but its looking like it isn’t for us who can splash around $1000+.

Have a great day guys!



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