E-Cat to Change The World

A new device called the Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, will harvest the energy of cold fusion to generate massive amounts of cheap green energy, as now been verified by a 3rd party scientists. The scientists here observed an Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat for 32 days where it was able to produce a net energy of around 1.5 megawatt-hours. This is far more than can be obtained from any other chemical reaction even when the sources are given the volume of a small reactor. The researches where also allowed to analyze the fuel before and after the 32 day test run and they have been baffled by the enormous amount of energy which has been produced by such a small (light weight) object.

The scientists who conducted the tests on the device where very reputable and from Italy and Sweden. And while this new E-Cat looks different from its previous versions as shown below:



The developers say it uses the same hydrogen loaded nickel cells, with a few other compounds such as lithium. The inventor of the device Andrea Rossi claims that E-Cat utilizes the properties of cold fusion which are low energy nuclear reactions. Where as low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) fuse nickel and hydrogen atoms into copper releasing massive amounts of energy.

The scientists investigating the fuel before use found that there is an isotope shift from a natural mix of Nickel-58 to Nickel-60 then to Nickel-62.This kind of reaction isn’t possible with nuclear reactions i.e. fusion.

The scientists say that there is only 1 gram of fuel inside of the E-Cat, a picture of this is below:



The scientists here aren’t sayings fusion or fission energy being the source of the E-Cats design they merely say that for now it’s an unknown reaction.

The amounts of energy is produced by the E-Cat are shown in the table below, where you can see all of the figures of the 32 day test. The most important parts of the table are COP (coefficient of performance), of up to 3.74 and the net power production of 2,373 watts. What’s important to remember here is that this device only weighs around half a kilogram and can produce over 2000 watts constantly for 32 days strait. This is truly an incredible feat which produced 1.5MegaWatthours over the duration.




The energy density here is around 1.6 * 10^9 Watt hours per kg giving it the power density of 2.1 *10^6 Watt per kilogram of material. This gives it a magnitude of anything ever tested, hitting the regions of 100 times more power than the best super capacitors, and a million times more energy density of gasoline.

In the words of the researchers, “These values place the E-Cat beyond any other known conventional source of energy.”



These readings are that powerful it is hard to deny that E-Cat is using cold fusion, which makes this an amazing thing to behold this could provide the world with an extremely cheap and green power.

However before this effects the whole world more tests need to be made, hopefully making it into a journal of nuclear physics.


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