How to mine a bit coin?!

Bitcoins have always been something people have been curious about mining on a general purpose computer,  mining them has evolved from something you used your spare CPU cycles with to thrashing your graphics processor to then an algorithm best processed by ASIC technology.

Now a hacker has taken it upon himself to mine a bit coin by hand!

If you’re wondering how this is possible Findon no BTC hash this is the best way to learn,  as Ken Shirriff goes through the whole algorithm,  including the process of determining if a cipher block is valid or not.

To see how he does this go to the link here:

Investigation into the hardware of of general purpose computers you may find that Radeon GPUs are out performing GeForce becuase AMD  could perform the operation known as “right shift rotation”. If your curious as to what that actually is then go to the previous link above to get the knowhow.



If you ever wanted to know what hashing looks like on paper there you have it!  Even more astounding it took Shirriff 16min and 49 seconds to crack it!An interesting aspect about his calculations from. A neurological perspective is while the human brain is extremely complex and efficient at using energy we are not like ASIC computers,  whereas those machines were built to perform calculations.  Even modern CPU and GPUs are easily a billion times more efficient at solving mathematics operations and when you bring ASIC machines that number becomes a few quadrillion!


Read: IBM cracks open a new era of computing with brain-like chip: 4096 cores, 1 million neurons, 5.4 billion transistors.


However our brains aren’t designed for just one thing,  which makes them. Tully unique as everyone in the world does not have the same neuron architecture.IBM are working on ways to bridge this gap between the human brain and neuromorphic technology.  Such as a CPU that has around 256 million synapses across 4096 cores.  Getting a machine to emulate the human brain is one thing so researchers are adding their efforts into chips that can do more than one function.

So to while you try and figure out just what makes a bitcoin work think about just how complex your brain really is!


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