PS4 vs Xbox One – Destiny

With Destiny taking the center stage on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles we sought to investigate which console is looking its sharpest in graphical quality.



With the Destiny beta which was just released on Xbox One last Wednesday in 900p is looking rather sharp, but this is only for a beta as Microsoft announced that the June XDK update would give developers a good bit of GPU horse power to play with.

As Budgie has promised to ship Destiny at 1080p on the Xbox One on September the 9th 2014 we have the first ever footage of what this is going to look like. Footage was taken strait from the Xbox One development kit at Bungie.

“But which console is showing this game off better?”


Lets take a deeper look into these two console giants!

The video above is clocking in at 30fps for both consoles, and as we can see there is little differences here in the graphical quality.

Going to euro gamer they have also dissected this graphics issue too, showing a comparison chart of all three consoles. While you can notably see a small difference between the PS4 and the Xbox consoles.

With the PS4 knocking out those impressive graphics (below) it’s hard to tell who the clear victor is here. The PS4 video below showcasing its graphical ability only goes to show just how close cut these two systems are.

But at the moment we await the 1080p from Microsoft which puts the PS4 ahead but only slightly when compared to the current 900p the upon the Xbox One beta.

In conclusion Xbox fans should rest easy knowing that the game is going to look stunning regardless of the platform, and should know graphics don’t make the game!

destiny-screenshot-5 triggerfinger

Have a great TECH2DAY

 For more details on destiny’s beta review go here:



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