Travel 3419 miles in 41min?

Thinking of going on a quick holiday to the USA?

Want to get there and back in a day?

Well we have a solution for you!

The NASA HFL(Hypersonic Flying Laboratory) “Kholod” scramjet

This Jet will fly you from the UK (Southampton) to New York (USA) in just 41min with a speed of 4970.97mph 


A second hand NASA HFL “Kholod” scramjet  is now up for sale and come September you  can now bid on at:


This scram jet just so happens to be one the fastest jets ever made to fly the air waves. its system was powered by cryogenically cooled liquid hydrogen fed into a supersonic combustion engine consuming  around 17 kilograms of the liquid hydrogen.

It would fire for just a minute while in flight. In that one minute it would hit three times the speed of sound, 12 miles above the Earth’s surface, before going up to 21 miles high at Mach 6.5, the project’s target speed. From 1991 to 1998 when the project was cancelled, the Kholod flew in joint projects with NASA as well as the French ONERA, with mixed results.

But in 1998, with the Russian Central Institute of Aviation Motors and the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, the Kholod hit Mach 6.47. That’s 4,310 miles per hour, which you can’t really do anywhere near the Earth’s surface.

 Clocking in at a record-breaking Mach 6.47 – nearly 8000 kilometres per hour


Don’t worry about your friends having one though as 5 of these where destroyed in test flights and only 9 where ever made. However as far as this  “slowpoke” will cost you we are expecting it will go for a high price.

Have a great TECH2DAY



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