Nvidia Leaked Upcoming Tablet

Nvidia are always full of surprises….

NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-9 As we all know Nvidia have been investing heavily into the Tegra hardware releasing the Nvidia Shield, pushing their technology into the android playing field. Showing off technology such as “GameStream”.  However new information has now leaked onto the ever vast internet about their new product investment strategy of pushing their Tegra technology into the tablet zone. 520x279xnvidia-tegra-k1-635-520x279.jpg.pagespeed.ic.urjIIqtF9V The tablet is rumoured to come with a controller but can be used without it, the device looking a lot like the HTC One (M7); let’s take a look deeper at just what the fundamental factors behind the build are:


Aluminium front facing stereo speakers 8inch LCD – Resolution 1920×1200 SMP front camera Direct Stylus (Pen) 390g – 0.89lb in weight Integrated magnesium thermal shield

NVIDIA-SHIELD-Tablet-1 The tablet will also come with a stylus pen labled by Nvidia as the DirectStylus , which was first made available to the consumer in low costing Tegra note tablet. The DirectStylus functionality works in the same way as the galaxy note stylus pen giving the user the ability to utilise different aspects of the software’s functionality. Nvidia’s shield tablet is looking to be the launch device introducing the new mobile chip the Nvidia Tegra K1 to the consumer market. The chip was codenamed (before release) “Logan” is the mobile chip to have a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) architecture to have 192 CUDA cores with support for GPU computing and Directx11! cong-nghe_nvidia-shield-tablet-nhung-sau-vao-thi-truong-game-may-tinh-bang_062435 TegraK1die The K1 chip pushing out real-time graphics as shown below: 07460427-photo-epic-unreal-engine-4-sur-nvidia-tegra-k1 The CPU side of this chip using four Cortex-A15 cores racks fairly high on the benchmark testing pushing out a constant 2.2GHz on this 32bit chip, with these results it’s looking to be a promising product. However Nvidia are also developing their 64bit Denver processor which rumours to be kicking this chip out of the park. DSC02854 To add to all this a controller looking a lot like the Nvidia shield is also being developed to really push the tablet into the gaming area. The tablet controller will be a very neat accessory costing you around $60 (according to leaked figures). No you may think this is a heavy price to pay for a Bluetooth controller but Nvidia have stepped up this technology by cutting the response time in half by allowing the user to connect it to the WIFi in the house making it twice as fast as Bluetooth in response times! So when you can have the graphics power in a tablet shown below this can push developers to develop new and graphically intense games for mobile devices. IMG_3713 Assuming that all the leaked pictures are legit, as they really look to be the main foucus to us a consumers is going to be the price of this little toy, based on the materials we can theorise that it will cost around $300 for the 16GB WiFi version the 32GB version with LTE being about $100 more plus the controller and a $40 cover that turns into a stand. The announcement for the launch date was also leaked to be July 29th in America & 14th August 2014 in EU where everywhere else is fall of 2014, however these are just rumors at this current time but we hope to see this showcased soon!

Have a great TECH2DAY !


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