Windows 9 Leaked First Look

Could these be the screen shots of the upcoming operating system from the IT giant Microsoft?


Over the past few days these pictures have leaked their way onto the internet showcasing Microsoft new operating systems look, and from what we can see it’s looking good! The start menu has been given life again, and it appears that the Metro apps are now running in a window on the desktop itself.

This leaked start menu in comparison to the one showed in April this metro app start menu extension showcases different apps. This indicates that this may be a customize-able  feature to the new OS in a similar way to the windows 8 start screen.


The new start menu seems to be apart of the build 9788 which had already been complied on July 4th this year, while there are no leaked ISO’s for this build these new pictures are telling us that Microsoft probably has a ISO in the works right now, where it might also feature Windows NT kernel version 6.4. If these screenshots are of the next version of Windows NT kernel, then there is a good chance we are looking at an early build of windows 9 rather than 8.2.

Looking more into the aesthetics of the start menu we can see that it appears to be customize-able and provides the user to put their apps on the side of the bar, making it a little big. We hope that Microsoft could develop a widget or top bar showcasing your apps allowing you to control where you put the links. One thing is for certain that Microsoft are not moving away from the apps as they are determined to push this part of the user experience as far as they can.


The screen shot above shows the new Metro PC settings (Control Panel) running within a window on the desktop, this is the most critical part of the user experience as you can clearly tell a lot of design and visual ergonomics have gone into this. This looks to be focusing upon the touch screen aspects of the design as portable and cloud computing s advancing this seems a good area to design for. However there is a very high likely hood of there being different OS versions accommodating different types of computers.

Windows 9 which is code-named “Threshold” is due release sometime in spring 2015, most likely at the next build conference. We think it is great that Microsoft is keeping everything the same GUI with the Windows Phone and Xbox too, but this can also trap them into a particular GUI hole and can be very costly to get out especially across so many platforms.

As you can see below the cross platform unity of the GUI:



Windows Phone


Windows 8


If you are looking for a new start menu for your Windows 8 System look no further! – Link



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