The Power Cube

The Power Cube


This self-contained power house can revolutionize the utilization of solar power within humanitarian aid and military combat, designed by Eco-sphere Technologies  the power cube can:

•Act as a power supply and generator for electrical devices

•Purifies Water

•Acts as a hotspot for Wifi anywhere on the earth

•Provide sleeping area

•Makeshift hospitals

It is available in many different sizes to buy with the larger models generating up to 15KW of power.  Using fold out solar panels the area covered by them can dramatically be increased allowing the cube to carry many sizes of the panels.

One of the draw backs of these solar powerhouses is that they have no batteries on them, meaning if the sun does go down, the power stops. However there is reason to believe that ecosphere technologies is looking into adding these to its power cube!

Another drawback is solar energy in comparison to a diesel generator, which can push out up to 1.7MW (depending upon the size). That’s a massive difference to just 15KW , however you would require fuel and in third world countries or disaster areas that may be hard to come by.

Finally within a military situation the need for portable communications is vital and having that Wifi generator would come in very handy indeed.

Links to product found below !

Ecosphere webpage






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