Computer Assisted Guns – Weapons Of The Future

Developed by TrackingPoint  a new weapon  which can track objects and let you know when to take the best shot has got everyone’s attention as a  new firearm as been released called the (PGF) Precision-Guided Firearm.

This system allows the user to tag a target prior to pulling the trigger, then once the target is tagged it will only fire when weapons ballistic computer has calculated the distance to target, ammunition, barrel condition and the shooter can manually input the wind conditions. All making this weapon take the perfect shot.

Breaking The Weapon Down 

This weapon can be broken down into 3 distinct parts:

  1. The Gun
  2. The Ballistics & Tagging
  3. The APP

The Gun

The Gun

The gun has 4 distinct features to it which make it a very adaptable weapon.

The Networked Tracking Scope 


The key to the XactSystem is the functionality of the Networked Tracking Scope (NTS). The Networked Tracking Scope provides the shooter the opportunity to make first round hits at long range and share the experience with others via the onboard wifi server. Together with the Guided Trigger, it forms the core technology of the XactSystem Precision Guided Firearm. Its intelligent digital interface is where the magic happens. Features include Heads Up Display (HUD) of vital information for each shot, and magnification of 6-35x, depending on the model.



  • Showing that the Wifi is online so you can transmit your kill cam HUD to anyone around you.
  • Range-to-target in yards
  • Mode: advanced or traditional
  • Wind direction (blowing right or left)
  • Wind speed (in m.p.h.)
  • Video recording time remaining
  • Battery life of each battery
  • Which of the 2 batteries is in use
  • Inclination of the system (in degrees)
  • Cant of the system (in degrees)
  • Magnification
  • Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Cardinal compass direction
  • Pressure (within – inHg)
  • User state: idle, tagged, armed

Features Of Networked Tracking Scope 


The NTS houses a number of hardware components in a durable, compact package:

  • Microphone
  • Compass
  • Wifi server
  • Inertial measurement unit
  • Batteries
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Tracking engine
  • Integral laser rangefinder
  • Objective lenses
  • Environmental sensors for pressure and temperature
  • Low-light cut filter for dawn and dusk shooting

Guided Trigger 


Here is how this works:

  1. The shooter tags the target in advanced mode, disengages the safety, and brings the reticle onto the tag.
  2. The shooter arms the system by squeezing and holding the Guided Trigger. This signals to the Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) the shooter’s intent to fire, and the reticle turns red.
  3. The scope now controls the trigger weight, in order to aid the shooter. When the shooter is off target, trigger weight is temporarily increased, which defers launch. When the shooter precisely intersects the tag with the center of the reticle, the trigger weight is decreased, allowing normal trigger pull force to launch the round.

Tag Button 


How this works:

  1. The shooter enables “Advanced mode” by pressing the Tag Button. ( The red button within the picture below) 6
  2. The integrated laser rangefinder emits a series of laser impulses. Those impulses allow the Networked Tracking Scope to paint the target, recognize it, and correlate ballistics.
  3. At the same time, the device takes pressure and temperature readings. It also accounts for other ballistic factors, like spin drift, Coriolis effect, lead for movement, and others.
  4. The reticle disturbs, or moves, to account for the firing solution.

The Barrel Reference System 


How it works :

  1. The system uses a laser reference hard-mounted directly to the gun barrel. The laser reference is calibrated at the factory immediately after the gun is zeroed to ensure that the laser provides a permanent, virtual reference of where the gun barrel is pointing.
  2. During operation, the laser reference shoots a low-power laser back into the Networked Tracking Scope, which is directed to the image sensor.
  3. The Networked Tracking Scope recognizes the laser reference signal. By determining the location of the laser on the image sensor, the scope accounts for any motion detected since the initial factory calibration. Any detected deviations from nominal are removed from the ballistics equation.


The Ballistics & Tagging

The ballistics of the XactSystem Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) models accounts for a number of inputs. For example…

  1. Actual dynamic circumstances of the shot, such as wind, cant, inclination, and range.
  2. Adaptive life cycle ballistics data from the specific class of firearm.
  3. Physical data from the individual PGF, such as barrel length and twist rate.

How to tag? 

Firstly you need to boot the system up, The shooter can press the mode button to enter “Advanced mode” 15 seconds after the Networked Tracking Scope boots up.

1. Tag Your Target

The shooter presses the Tag Button to paint the target and lock on, regardless of target movement. Once the red tag appears, the shooter places the tag on the stabilized image, then releases the Tag Button when the tag is in the desired position.

2. Track Your Target

The ballistic computer in the firearm’s Networked Tracking Scope instantly accounts for all range and environmental factors. It adjusts the reticle position to hit the tagged target.

3. Utilise XACT

The shooter aligns the reticle with the tag. He then squeezes and holds the Guided Trigger. The reticle turns red. The shooter brings the reticle into exact alignment with the tag. The system allows the trigger to launch the round at the precise moment needed to ensure impact with the target.

Video below shows this process:


The TrackingPoint App performs several functions:

  • Configures your PGF and adds updates
  • Transfers shot videos to your smart phone
  • Allows for the most accurate shots possible
  • Lets you lock out advanced features when storing the firearm

  Links to TECH2DAY App :


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